New Batman v Superman T.V. Spots


Oh yeah…it’s time for Batman v Superman t.v. ads! Last night we were treated to not one, but two teasers.

Take a look and we’ll discuss them in depth.

“Don’t believe everything you hear, son.”

The only new footage we see is Bruce Wayne basically being condescending to Clark Kent and his line of questioning. It is another glimpse though of a fairly important scene between Bruce and Clark.

Now on to the next and possibly the best scene we’ve seen so far.



Our first look is of the amazing Batmobile. We love the looks of Batman’s new car.

Is he trying to hit Superman or did Superman just appear in the road?


Batman-v-Superman 5

Superman does not look even fazed one bit by the sight of Batman in his awesome vehicle coming towards him.



And like a toy car, it bounces off of him, leaving Batman to go careening into gas tanks.



“The red capes are coming…the red capes are coming.”


Batman-v-Superman 4

We’ve seen this before in the trailer, but this definitely looks to be the first time our superhero alter egos meet.


“Bitch, please.”

Superman just sneers at Batman as he utters the line…

“Tell me, do you bleed?”


“You will.”

Oh, it’s awesome. I love the look of the Batman cowl on Ben Affleck.


Great t.v. spot. It was short and got right to the point. This is Batman and Superman fighting.

Check out this funny meme!

Superman be like…




But we all know this is what really happens…



And because it’s funny and it’s Deadpool…






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