Monday Match-Up


We have an interesting line up for today’s Monday match-ups!

Let’s get started!


Marvel- Groot

In this corner we have the indescribable being known as Groot. He was introduced to fans in the film, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, and comic book fans were only introduced to him a short time before the movies release.


He can grow tall and his limbs also expand

He has regenerative powers




Can’t communicate, except with plants




In the DC corner, we have Swamp Thing. He is the essence of life and he has been around in the comics for quite a while. He protects all forests and the vegetation that grows within. The quick origin is that a doctor fell into a swamp and Swamp Thing used his body as a host.


Very strong

Can manifest itself where there is organic life

Regenerative powers

Can change size and shape

Can create clones





2000 --- Hanging Boxing Gloves --- Image by © image100/Corbis


Alright, let’s rumble!

Rek: I mean it has to be Swamp Thing. He can speak and he has regenerative powers. He can travel through the swamp. Groot is pretty good, but I’m going with Swamp Thing.

Seppin: I also am going with Swamp Thing. Mostly because he has the power over the green.

Rek: Plus he has a connection to John Constantine.

Seppin: Constantine basically owns Swamp Thing.


Winner: Swamp Thing


Villain Match-Up




In the Marvel villain corner, we have Doc Octopus. He is known for being a Spiderman villain. Doctor Otto Octavius was a highly intelligent mad scientist who had an experiment gone wrong which made him insane and it resulted in him having robotic arms.


Robotic arms

Very smart



Needs his robotic limbs, otherwise he is useless

He still cares about people even though he is a bad guy



In the DC corner, we have Black Spider. Eric Needham was a heroin attack until his father was killed during a liquor store robbery. He choose to be a vigilante and is really against the drug trade. He is a professional assassin and is based in Gotham. He is also a member of the Suicide Squad.


Expert in combative arts

Deadshot with a retractable wrist pistol

Smart and calculated



Too calculated. He gets caught up too much into details





Let’s fight!

Seppin: I’m going with Doc Oc on this one. He has four robotic extra arms and he’s way smarter than Black Spider.

Rek: I’m choosing Black Spider because he always gets the job done and clearly Doc Oc is pathetic since he is a Spiderman villain.

Seppin: Says the Spiderman wannabe… Doc Oc would clearly win, since he was once Spiderman.

Rek: Doc OC would get destroyed. Black Spider would plant a bomb on his back and he would get blown into pieces just like his career. Black Spider would shoot him…like Uncle Ben.

Seppin: I still don’t see how he could beat Spiderman, with Doc Oc’s intelligence.


Winner: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a Draw!

Rek: There will be a rematch…


See ya!





On Tap for this week

  • Tuesday Top Five- Greatest Comic Book Movies
  • Wednesday’s new feature: Wrecking Rek
  • Thursday: Seppin’s in depth analysis of Marvel vs. Dc
  • Friday: Getting into DC Comics

Check back with us!



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  1. Sorry Seppin, I’m siding with Rek here. Doc Oc would be annihilated. Just because he has a few extra limbs doesn’t mean he could stand a chance in a battle against the highly skilled Black Spider.


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