Monday Match-Up

  Welcome to Monday Match-Up. Today we are continuing with our ode to DC month. Let's get started!   Heroes   Supergirl Strengths Strong. Supergirl is even stronger than Superman Fast Can Fly Superhuman abilities Heat vision   Weakness In the new 52, she is enraged all the time because her planet died Ignorant Immature... Continue Reading →

Monday Match Up: DC Month has Begun!

Our month long ode to DC has begun. In honor of that we are doing a Batman vs. Superman like match up. Let's get ready to rumble.   Robin: Damian Wayne Strengths Trained by the League of Assassins Trained by Batman (his father) as well Assortment of gadgets at his disposal Had super powers once... Continue Reading →

Monday Match-Up

Today on Monday Match-up we have quite a line up for you! We're┬ácalling this Monday Ridiculous Match-up. Let's get ready to rumble! Ma Kent Strengths Great Cook Farm Woman Raised an alien as her own Brave   Weaknesses Human Old Needs Glasses   Aunt May Strengths Can cook Friendly Brave Jorge the hardworking boy from... Continue Reading →

Monday Match Up

Hey guys and welcome back to Monday Match-Up up. Last week was really laid back, so let's forget it even happened, okay? This week we have quite the treat as we pit two heroes of pure awesomeness. Then, we have two villains who will fight to the death. Alright, let's get started.   Deadpool And... Continue Reading →

Monday Match-Up

It's Monday Match-Up time! We're a little late today so without further adieu let's start.   Heroes   Mera In the DC corner we have Mera. Wife of Aquaman and Queen of Atlantis.   Strengths Water sorceress Strong Can breathe underwater Controls huge amounts of water, enough to pull an entire army out of the... Continue Reading →

Monday Match-Up

  Welcome to our Monday Match-Up. Today we are going to throw in a few characters that are not in Marvel or DC...just for fun.   Hero Match-Up Daredevil   In one corner, we have Matt Murdock who is a blind lawyer. When Matt was young, he was blinded by chemicals after saving a man... Continue Reading →

Monday Match-Up

Welcome back to Monday Match-up. Today we are pairing up heroes and villains of Marvel and DC that are at the top of their game in hand-to-hand combat. Let's get ready to rumble! Heroes Marvel-Winter Soldier James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes was the childhood friend of Steve Rogers. Steve, of course, became Captain America. Bucky was... Continue Reading →

Monday Match-Up: Superheroes & Villains

Welcome! We are starting a new series called 'Monday Match-Up'. Today we are discussing a superhero match-up and a villain match-up from DC and Marvel. Let's start with the heroes first. Superhero Match-Up In this corner from DC, we have the football player Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg. More machine than man. He was... Continue Reading →

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