Top Five Tuesday: Favorite Batman Stories


Hey everyone. Today we are going to list our top five favorite Batman stories. These are just our opinions and top picks.

So let’s get to it…

5. Scott Snyder’s Entire Run


We just wanted to give applause to Scott Snyder for writing Batman. It was a brilliant idea, until he left and gave us Robocop Batman. I really enjoyed his stories of The Court of Owls and Endgame. His interpretation of Batman was perfect. Very dark and he really tapped into the essence of Batman.

4. Batman: Year One


Frank Miller’s second best Batman book. It gave us a great origin for Bruce learning to be the vigilante that he is now and the story focused a lot on Jim Gordon. Personally I think that this is what the t.v. show Gotham should have been based on.

3. A death in the family


“Jason. NO.”

I had to put this on the list. Not only because it is one of the stories that made Batman darker, but it is also the origin story of my boy Jason Todd. The writing was okay, but it was what it did to the Batman comics that made Batman a super dark character and changed the status quo.

2. The Killing Joke


Speaking of a dark story that changed the status quo…

There is none better than this comic when it comes to delving into insanity and portraying Joker as this mad man. It really showed you his side of things and you got to see just how cuckoo for cocoa puffs he really is… and it ain’t pretty.

1. The Dark Knight Returns


Frank Miller’s best work without a doubt. It is amazingly well-written. The story centers on an aged Batman in a corrupt Gotham. It also gave us Batman’s inner monologue for once.

It is perfection.


Honorable Mentions

Batman: Earth One


Geoff Johns writing Batman.


Justice League Tower of Babel


It’s technically not a Batman story, but a Justice League comic.

“I did this to you.”




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