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Reking Rek

Welcome back to another edition of Wrecking Rek. To those that are new to our site, Wrecking Rek is basically where my brother, Seppin, selects amazing comics for me to read. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sibling who cares about my well being and sanity.

Today has been another banner day here at SeppinRek for I am reading this brand new comic from DC.

Scooby Doo Team up #14: Featuring Aquaman


The art is definitely new Scooby Doo in case you were wondering.

The story is about the Scooby Doo gang taking a cruise. They run into Poseidon, or a supposed Poseidon, and Aquaman saves them from the sea monsters…They are really just kids in disguise (not good) who are stopped by a giant octopus.
And that’s it.
The comic was short and the story line did not surprise me at all. Pretty Predictable.
I wouldn’t have had to read this if it wasn’t for you meddling kids-pun- which brings me to another complaint. They didn’t say that at all in the comic nor did they say any classic Scooby Doo jokes. How can you have Scooby Doo without the predictable, but important lines?
As far as Aquaman is concerned, he took out one guy and that was it. His wife Mera did more work than him.
I can’t say anymore or else I will develop a migraine. It was that annoying to read.
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