Suicide Squad Official Trailer Shot by Shot


Last week we were treated to seeing a new trailer for the Suicide Squad. There is a lot to discuss so check out the trailer below and then we’ll dive into our analysis. First we invite you to check out the first Suicide Squad trailer and our initial analysis which explains the characters more in-depth.

Suicide Squad Comic Con Trailer:


Suicide Squad Trailer #1:


Quick Reaction:

Seppin: Wooh. Who says the DC Universe is too serious now? That was flat out insane.

Everyone looked cool except for Slipknot ( R.I.P. mate). Just calling it right now. He’s the first to get killed.

The tone from the Comic Con trailer and this one is like night and day. Very different. Jared Leto was amazing.

Rek: I spent most of my time looking for Scott Eastwood and any clues he might be playing Agent 37. Can’t wait for the movie. It looks great.

Okay, let’s get to it!





Right off the bat we see Captain Boomerang a.k.a. George Harkness protesting loudly at being locked up. He’s mostly known for being a super villain of The Flash.


Harley Quinn, sipping on some tea and reading a romance novel.


Deadshot staring out at the rain, probably thinking of his daughter and when he’s getting out of his prison cell.


El Diablo testing out his powers and thinking off going out in a blaze of glory.


Killer Croc in his sewer-esque type cell. Looks like he’s exercising like there’s no tomorrow.



Captain Boomerang is REALLY desperate to get out of Belle Reve Prison.


Will Smith’s Deadshot trying to fight back, but there’s no way.


Captain Boomerang in a mailbag? C’mon guys. Did you not think he wouldn’t jump out and try to kill someone or at the very least attack? One of the best parts in the trailer.


“Hello Boys.”


In this shot we have Rick Flagg who is going over the files of his soon to be team. Notice he mentions, “And you’re possessed by a witch.”

So this is June Moon behind him. Kind of odd. We’ll get into June Moon more at the end in our spoiler analysis. We also want to mention that in the first trailer we catch a glimpse of her and Rick Flagg looking particularly close. Possible romance?


Killer Croc Looks hungry.


This is THE Enchantress.

Hmm… again, we’ll have more on her later.


Classic Harley. Best line and scene of her in the trailer. Acting crazy and not hiding it one bit.


Who’s that? Well, that would be Scott Eastwood. You know, the character who is not listed in anything and has not been confirmed.

So why does he get to be in this trailer and why does he also have a bit of screen time?

If you notice, as Harley is rambling, he doesn’t look surprised at her dialogue. He almost smirks and turns his head as if to say, “Yeah, seen this before. I know Harley real well.”

Okay, we’ve heard the rumors. People have said he is Deathstroke. We at SeppinRek do not believe this rumor and we are sticking to our first prediction (and what we are REALLY, REALLY hoping) that he is Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Agent 37.

You know..the first Robin? Nightwing? Please????!!!

Come on. There is NO WAY Batman is trusting anyone with power (Amanda Waller) over all these villains. We also know that he has been confirmed as being the one who captures them and puts them there in the first place.

Okay. Had to get that out.


Hey look, the nobody.

Yes, it’s Slipknot and we are not wasting too much time on him because he’s going to get his head blown off. I mean, his MO is using ropes…seriously?


“We’re going to send you into a place that really sucks and you probably won’t come back alive.”

“Good luck.”

Love Deadshot’s smirk.


Here the fun starts. We see helicopters coming into Midway City, which they seem to be hinting at that it is a war zone and that’s why they need the Suicide Squad.


More wreckage and destruction.


We want to point out that it looks to be some sort of dark magical power coming out of the ground…


And here’s our squad. Crew looks good except for Slipknot. He has probably bitten the dust by now.


The Squad entering a building, armed and ready.


Cool glimpse of Deadshot in action.


Awesome shot of Harley. Everyone gets a gun, even the the most insane person on the squad, although she is nothing, compared to her one true love.


Another cool shot of Deadshot with his mask. Perfect interpretation of his suit. It’s right out of the comics.


Someone is getting wrecked by Croc.


“I can’t wait to show you my toys.”

Wooaaahhh. That dude is dead.

Jared Leto is putting a hundred and ten percent into his portrayal of the Joker.


Yes. Wow. Ten out of ten. This is like … Perfect.

He’s got a good smile and laugh going on as he fires off a gun.

Iconic Joker.


One of my favorite parts. This is a good ol’ Batman and Joker chase. Quite a stylish ride in the purple Lambo. Can’t wait to see Batman on the roof of the car as he catches Joker and hopefully we’ll see a fight.


Here we have Enchantress in what looks to be the White House. We can only assume she is using her dark powers over the government officials.

“Let’s have some fun.”

I think she is going to tear up that city until she…

*Spoiler at the end.*


Insanity at its finest.

Most people wake up and try to figure out what they are going to wear or what shoes to put on. Not Joker.

I wonder what weapon to choose this morning he seems to be thinking as he’s lying there surrounded by a veritable arsenal.


You can see in this shot, all the souls that are contained in Katana’s sword. We think we will probably be getting some of her backstory which will be cool.


Funniest part of the trailer. Captain Boomerang. Because of course, stuff like this going down, you need to stop and have a nice beverage.

Kudos to Jai Courtney. This is the best acting he’s ever done. Who would have thought he practically stole the trailer? Almost, but not quite.


This is undoubtedly Harley before getting arrested. Most likely her and Mr.J are casing the joint for a score.


Flares coming out of the military grade helicopter.


That is our Tattoo man that we know nothing about. He has tattoos on his body that he can magically pull off for weapons. It looks to be the dragon tattoo he is using here in the subway station.


Continuation of the last shot. Sucks for the people in the subway.


Joker has a gang going… hopefully they will last longer than usual.


Great shot of El Diablo using his power. This guy just wants to die. It’s not a healthy lifestyle. He should go the Marvel route and try some Shwarma.


Most likely this is when Joker pushed Harley off into a pit of acid when he turns her from being Dr. Harleen Quinzel to recreating her in all her glorious insanity as Harley Quinn.


Is this how Harley got her pink and blue colored hair? Joker was wearing a burgundy colored shirt and she looked to wearing a blue shirt in a quick shot we saw before.

Also notice the amazing colors and how they form almost a heart around them.

How romantic for these two insane lovebirds.


Alright this our big bad. It might be a mix of Enchantress’ powers and the Tattoo Man. Whatever it is, it looks pretty menacing.


“We’re bad guys. It’s what we do.”

Not my favorite part. Kind of cheesy, but very Harley esque.



Great trailer. It was fun and really made us excited for this movie to come out. It reinforced that there really and truly is going to be a DC Universe after Batman v Superman.

Stop reading right now unless you want to be possibly spoiled by Seppin.

I mean it. Stop right now.



Seppin’s Take:

After seeing this trailer, I am pretty sure that this is the first story arc of Justice League Dark.

Enchantress wants to be back in June Moon’s body so she’s causing terror and destruction. In the comics, June Moon was running away from the Enchantress and eventually the Justice League Dark team all go to fight Enchantress. They realize that they have to give June Moon to Enchantress and then they are finally reunited.

Obviously here it may be hard to explain the splitting of the two bodies, but it is possible. Tattoo Man might also be the main villain, but he’s just too much of a low level villain and the trailer does show dark magic being used. We also never see Enchantress with the crew as I stated from the beginning.

I think it has potential to be a good story line and I think it has potential to be a great way to introduce Justice League Dark which we know is coming soon.

As far as the Joker is concerned, some sites have stated that he must be working for Enchantress, but, no, no…no. *Shaking Head*

I think they just run into him. That’s not how the Joker works. The Joker is too crazy to be used or be on any team. I think he’s just here for the laugh or even to torture Harley Quinn even more. With the Joker you just never know.

Here’s to a Justice League Dark story…please?!


Thoughts? Comment below.





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  1. I really like this trailer, and I’m particularly interested on how Will Smith portrays deadshot. I guess I might be too used to seeing Michael Rowe playing Floyd Lawton in Arrow. Also, I don’t see Scott Eastwood as Deathstroke either.


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