Wrecking Rek Wednesday

Reking Rek


Welcome back to another exciting edition of Wrecking Rek Wednesday. This week we are in for a treat. I have read the first four issues of the new ‘Back to the Future‘ comics. I want to put out a disclaimer. There is no favoritism at all here. Just because I may be a huge Back to the Future fan makes no difference.




I’m not a big fan of the fact that there was two comics in one book, but that’s just me. The story of the comics are told by Emmett to his sons in the past while he is building the train. The story hints at some of the parts of the movie story line, but in my opinion it is a stand alone story arc.




There was plenty of Marty and Emmett. They showed almost every character in between so I was happy.



The artwork was good and the story line was decent. I don’t have many problems with the comics. If you have a free weekend give them a shot.


All in all, I’m just happy that I didn’t get wrecked that much.


Writer: Bob Gale

Animation: Corbyn Kern (Cover), Brent Schoonover


Rek’s Scale

5 ***** out of ten


Seppin Recommends

Dark Knight III: Master Race




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