Monday Match-Up


It’s Monday Match-Up time! We’re a little late today so without further adieu let’s start.






In the DC corner we have Mera. Wife of Aquaman and Queen of Atlantis.



Water sorceress


Can breathe underwater

Controls huge amounts of water, enough to pull an entire army out of the sea

Combat training



Has mental health issues

Love for Arthur (Aquaman)

Not as strong without water


Jessica Jones

Jess jones

In the Marvel corner, we have the newly popular (Thank you Netflix) Jessica Jones. She is a former superhero who quits and starts her own private investigation firm.





Detective skills




She has a family (My man Luke Cage)




Seppin: I’m going with Mera. She is a raging, Atlantian warrior.

Rek: I’m with Jessica Jones. Mera is too insane and careless. I think Jessica Jones would outsmart her.

Seppin: Jessica Jones isn’t that powerful compared to Mera, Queen of Atlantis

Rek: I wasn’t doing a test of strength. I was doing a analysis of who would win in a fight. Jessica is smarter.

Seppin: Doubtful

Rek: Jessica Jones can fly.

Seppin: Mera would bring her down with a water spout and drown her.

Rek: I got nothing else. It would be a good fight though.


Winner: Mera



The Terminator

Deathstroke a.k.a. The Terminator

Deathstroke has the most confusing origin. He has like fifteen origin stories and none have been confirmed as of yet. So we’re going with the older version where he was put into a super secret soldier program. He gained increased reflexes and strength from the project.




Enhanced senses

Super strength

Combat skills

Master of the sword




Uhhhh…not many.




The Taskmaster

The Taskmaster has the unique ability to duplicate any physical movements he witnesses. Sort of like photographic reflexes at the cost of his own memories. His real name is Tony Masters and he was originally a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who ingested a Nazi serum.



Photographic reflexes

Highly skilled in combat

An accurate marksman

Strenuously honed athletic ability



Deadpool. His manic personality makes him impossible to predict or replicate.

Explicit memory loss

He can replicate superhuman speed, but it puts his body under intense strain.

Aqua phobia





Rek: Okay. I’m going to choose Deathstroke. He’s a pure fighter. He fights to the end. He is also a strategist and he can easily take out this pathetic ‘master of tasks’.

Seppin: Well, Taskmaster, just by seeing Deathstroke will automatically replicate his moves. He is a master of swordsmanship, similar to Deathstroke.

Rek: Deathstroke nearly killed Batman.

Seppin: Nearly.

Rek: He has come closer than anyone else.

Seppin: Bane almost killed Batman. Darkseid…

Rek: I want to lose this one anyway. The Taskmaster

Seppin: I want to switch to Deathstroke. I feel bad actually for Rek, but Deathstroke is pretty amazing. Mostly I just feel guilty for always wrecking Rek.


Winner: The Taskmaster





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