Top Five Young Superheros



Welcome to our Top Five Young Superhero list. Normally we do this on Tuesday, but Wednesday is just as good!

Young superheros can be really hit or miss. Instead of focusing on the misses, let’s focus on the hits. You may notice that DC is pretty well represented on this list. Simple fact is, Marvel doesn’t have many good young characters other than one or two.


5. Static Shock


Virgil Hawkins was a high school student who was dealing with discrimination and eventually he is forced to make a choice of whether to join a gang or be beaten up. After he joins the gang, they meet up at the docks. When Virgil was given a gun, he tosses it into the river because he hates guns. His mother was shot and killed so he still carries that hatred of weapons.

After a whole gang war explodes on the docks, they tip over a crate of chemicals and it gets in the air. Everyone breathes it in, unlocking their Meta gene.

And that’s how he got his powers.

Seppin: I like Static Shock. He’s like Batman, but with powers.

Rek: Personally I do not feel like he deserves to be on this list. Yes, I agree that he is awesome, but I like him better when he is older.


4.  Nova


Nova (Sam Alexander) is a pretty cool character. In my view, if they never got the rights to Spiderman back from Sony, he would be a perfect addition because he is a cross between Spiderman and Star Lord. His father was another Nova that worked with Guardians of the Galaxy, Jesse Alexander.


3. Kid Flash



Kid Flash, we are going to say Bart Allen right now because Wally West is not Kid Flash at the moment…even though he’s everyone favorite before the new 52. Bart is the grandson of Barry who is from the future, but went back into time. It’s kind of confusing. We really like pre-52 Wally the most.


2. Robin


Batman’s sidekick. The most iconic young sidekicks of all time (How are they not number one?-Seppin). Let’s run through each one real quick.

Dick Grayson: The one most people remember and it’s probably because he is the first. Circus performer who lost his parents and was adopted by billionaire Bruce Wayne. He eventually left Bruce and set off on his own as Nightwing. His character is still popular to this day.

Jason Todd: Jason was a terrible Robin. They tried to make him too much like Dick Grayson early on and then they made his character unlikable which resulted in the ridiculous phone in if you want Jason to live or die fiasco.

In hindsight, it was the best thing that ever happened to Jason and Batman. It turned Batman into a darker character and then when Jason was resurrected and took on the persona of the Red Hood, it turned Jason from hated sidekick to awesome anti-hero.

A Robin gone bad. A great story idea and Seppin’s favorite DC character.

Tim Drake: The most well-known Robin of our generation. He is also known as the World’s Greatest Detective. In the new 52 they are trying to say he was never actually Robin…Instead they are trying to claim he was called ‘Red Robin’ in memory of Jason. He’s smart, but he can be a little bit of a show off. Although he has kind of earned it to be a show off  because he is so smart and he’s also the only Robin who hasn’t died.

Stephanie Brown: Honorable mention. Stephanie Brown was technically a Robin, but we don’t really count her. She was before the new 52 and Batman really doesn’t like her.

Damien Wayne: Damien is the biological son of Batman and his mother is Talia Al Ghul. He’s also Rek’s favorite…

Rek: I hate you and I hate that spoiled little brat. He’s also the demon child.

Seppin: My opinion is that Damien has a great story potential and I think they have achieved it. He’s the son of BATMAN. I mean, c’mon.


1. Spiderman ( Miles Morales)



I don’t know why but I just really like Miles Morales. His story starts in the Ultimate Universe where Miles Morales is part of a poor family and he is in a private school. Miles is a loner and his only friend, PETER PARKER died on that earth. One day when he is sitting on a bench he got bit by a radioactive spider. People do hate him for being Spiderman after Peter Parker, until recently when he got the okay from the Marvel Universe Peter Parker to be Spiderman.

He’s just a cool character. Different.


Honorable Mention





Next Week’s Top Five will be our top five assassins.






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