Top Five Tuesday: Deadpool



Today’s Top Five Tuesday we are going to focus on Deadpool. How is this possible to have more than one Deadpool? Marvel and DC both have multiple earths and we have taken our favorite ones, no matter how random or dead they are right now they are making the list.


5.  Plain Old DeadpoolDeadpool

The original Deadpool that we all know and love. The reason he made number five is because we are used to this Deadpool and even though we think he is awesome, the others on the list are more interesting.

4. Thorpool


When Deadpool needed to lift the mighty hammer of Thor…enough said.

He’s on the list because he looks ridiculous in the best way possible.

3. Mimepool


The Merc with a mouth as a Mime? How does that work?

We are speechless.

2. Zombieheadpool

zombiehead pool

This is probably one of the most popular alternate versions of Deadpool. Mostly because he is the most vulgar character of Deadpool and he’s just a head.

1. Pandapool



Yes…the mightiest of the Deadpool. He killed so many evil Deadpools, until his final breath. He deserves to be number one.





Check back next Tuesday for our top five game villains!

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