Monday Match Up

Hey guys and welcome back to Monday Match-Up up. Last week was really laid back, so let’s forget it even happened, okay? This week we have quite the treat as we pit two heroes of pure awesomeness. Then, we have two villains who will fight to the death. Alright, let’s get started.




And in one corner, we have Wade Wilson. With the recent release of Deadpool, we find it necessary to do a match-up with him. If you care to know his backstory, watch the movie, or one of our trailer analysis’ on him.


Very fast regenerative powers or for you fancy folks, a high regeneration factor

A lot of guns

Two wicked swords


Invulnerable to telepathic powers

“Master strategist”



Mentally insane


Dr. Manhattan

Dr Manhattan

Probably one of the most well known characters from the Watchmen. Dr. Jonathan Osterman was a scientist from 1959. Until an experiment gone wrong gives him incredible abilities. Transforming him into a godlike character.


Incredibly Smart

Superhuman Strength



Controls Matter



Creates Force-Fields

Projects energy

Perception of time

Physiological manipulation

Physical immortality

Resurrection, healing factor


Cross Dimensional Awareness

Psionic Blast

Gravity Manipulation


Size shifting

Superhuman Tracking

Can reconstruct himself

No need for Air, Food, or Water



None? Loneliness maybe.



Let’s Fight!

Rek: How is this a fair fight?

Seppin: I mostly did this because I wanted to see Deadpool lose to someone…

Rek: That’s not how we should pick our characters.

Seppin: You’re right, but it would be fun to watch. To see Deadpool mess with Dr. Manhattan? Awesome.

Rek: I think they would be friends.

Seppin: I’m with Dr. Manhattan. He’s the most God-like character ever.

Rek: I’m with Deadpool. Mostly because half of the crap on that list, Deadpool is immune to it. It just doesn’t apply to him.

Seppin: What about disintegration alone?

Rek: You have to catch him first.

Seppin: No he doesn’t! He has super human traffic senses. He knows where Deadpool is at all times.

Rek: *Wave the white flag*- Deadpool Movie reference.



Winner: Dr. Manhatten



Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren


Son of Han and Leia. Grandson of Darth Vader. Leader of the Knights of Ren.


The force

BA Lightsaber



He is Arrogant

He is emotional

His powers are not fully developed


Captain Cold

Captain Cold


Lenard Snart. The godfather of organized crime in Central City. Enemy of the Flash, but is not unknown for protecting the city from larger threats. Leads the Rouge Gallery.




Freezing abilities



Just a Man


Fight! Fight!

Rek: Again, I don’t see how this is a fair fight.

Seppin: In the new 52, Snart doesn’t use a gun. It’s his arm that freezes objects.

Rek: Kylo Ren can literally freeze him before Snart can use his freezing abilities.

Seppin: Cold is super smart and Kylo Ren is a brat. He killed his own father. Who would kill Han Solo?

Rek: This isn’t a match of personality. This is a match of who would win in a fight and Kylo Ren would win.

Seppin: I’m pretty sure Snark could talk his way out of it.

Rek: Kylo Ren would kill him period.

Seppin: You don’t know. They might become best buds. They might be evil buddies. Alright, I’m out. Rek is giving me the cold shoulder.

Rek: What killed the dinosaurs?

The Ice Age.




Winner: Kylo Ren


Coming up this week on SeppinRek:

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Wednesday– Wrecking Rek, ‘The Dark Archer’.

Thursday-Batman v Superman Final Trailer Shot by Shot

Friday– Daredevil Season 2 Trailer shot by shot review



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