Deadpool Review





So they finally made a movie for the Merc with a Mouth. Before I start praising the film I just want to comment on how well Ryan Reynolds has promoted this film. It seems every week we got a small trailer or he tweeted out a picture. It is worthy of an award for how much he worked on this film. He has been apart of the project since that horrendous movie (X-men origins Wolverine).

They did not joke when they made this film rated R. It deserves that rating and more, it is extremely inappropriate. No kid should see this. For any other Marvel character I would have not approved for the rating. But the fact that it is Deadpool  improves the quality.

It is an amazing film. It is probably the most accurate portrayal of a comic book character ever. The suit is perfect. The computer generation for the eyes did not interfere like I was worried about, but really brought the character to life. The jokes were hilarious, literally everyone could not stop laughing in the theater. One of my favorite things about it is that they kept the jokes from the trailers in the movie. Of course, you knew that they were coming, but they still kept their power.

My only problem with the film is that it felt a little short, not by much, but enough to feel that way. I did not mind the way that it skipped around to explain his origin. I actually thought that it was a brilliant thing to do because no one wants to see a lengthy origin story much longer. So I highly recommend everyone to see it, unless you are too young. Just remember to see it when your old enough.

Seppin’s Score: 7.9





I thought it was a good movie. Ryan Reynolds was the perfect choice for Deadpool and I can’t wait to see another Deadpool film. The jokes and action sequences combined nicely to make this a great superhero film.

The fact that they were able to make such a successful rated R movie is unbelievable and it shows that there is an untapped market for a mature audience in this genre.

Rek’s Score


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