Batman V. Superman Final Trailer Shot-By-Shot Review

Hey Everyone, we are sorry that it took so long to review this trailer. Just to start off, I want to say how amazing it was for Warner Brothers to send out this trailer. It is exactly what we need to get excited for the movie. Thirty-Two Days away btw. Unless you are going earlier then I personally hate you, but now to the review.

Watch the trailer below (in case you haven’t a million times) and then we’ll dive into our analysis.



Here we start off with the Batwing coming into view and heading to a nearby abandoned warehouse.


This is definitely Alfred. Not the butler/kind, old Uncle, but the badass old SAS agent.


Just another good picture of him. If anyone recalls, I had said from the beginning that this was going to be Earth One Alfred before anyone even mentioned it.

Just want to point that out.


Wow. Just like the Arkham games. It’s just beautiful Batman. The real Batman that we want to see. The tough right to the point vigilante in his prime.


Okay, who thinks it’s a good idea to pull a knife on Batman? I mean, really??!!



More images of Batman kicking butt. We also see Alfred throwing some shade to Batman. I hope we see more of this kind of Alfred. The one who is not afraid to tease Master Wayne.


I have to say that THIS IS Bruce Wayne. Paranoid and always looking for the worst in people before they become a problem.


The Batmobile looks very nice. Very Arkham-esque. It’s the Batmobile.



*Laugh* Does anyone have a feeling that Clark is about to go Superman right now and rip his shirt off to reveal the suit?


“I’m going out tonight, Alfred.”

Insert snarky remark from Alfred.


Now, let me discuss this shot. I have a theory. Here we have Batman shooting Superman, which sounds pretty foolish since Superman can obviously catch it.

But what if he wants Superman to catch it? What if said bullet was laced with kryptonite? The very thing that might just be in Lex Corp and funny enough, there was a break in a couple of days ago.



The legendary kick from The Dark Knight Returns, but in this world Superman catches it. This could mean many possibilities. For example, that it is not going to be exactly like Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. I’m actually fine with that as long as they still keep the feel from Dark Knight.

She speaks! Finally we hear Wonder Woman and we also get a great image of her lunging into battle. We’re pretty sure she’s not going to be able to fly so that means we might see an invisible jet which kind of worries me unless they found a way to do it properly.


Oh no, Are we going to get a Zack Snyder moment? Lois and Clark getting it on in the tub.


Ma Kent seems worried for some reason. Maybe because her son is getting wrecked by Gotham’s vigilante or because of another threat?


Someone looks like he’s going to cry…

I don’t even know what to say right now. The man of steel is about to break. Who could cause such a reaction?


Yup. We’re going to have an epic fight. The final shot of Superman is pretty much like every shot of every person who has come against Batman.

God vs. Man

The son of Krypton vs. The Bat of Gotham

Day vs. Night

Whose side are you on? Post in the comments below.



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