Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Review


Daredevil season two trailer dropped last week and we are very excited for the new season.

Check out our first review if you want to catch up!


Check out the trailer below before we dive into our review:

First Impressions

Rek: This season looks like it is going to be pretty dark (dark by Marvel standards)and I can’t wait for it.

Seppin: The Punisher is going to be the second best part, without a doubt. I can’t wait to see more of my boy Foggy.



Our first glimpse is a picture of a man and a little girl. We can assume this is Frank Castle and his daughter.


A children’s book. The tone for this trailer is definitely setting up Frank Castle’s origin story.


That’s a lot of guns. My question is where are the rest of them? Because that’s not all. The Punisher has twenty times that in his arsenal.


The Punisher looking down his rifle and preparing to kill.


Matt Murdock making his regular trips to his priest. It’s good to see that his faith is still front and center of his story.


Something went down here. It seems Hell’s Kitchen has a new vigilante. Only this one doesn’t seem to mind killing.


Here we see the scene where the Punisher is walking through the hospital.


A whole lot of explosive’s and weaponry.


Officer Brent Mahoney is back and he is listed as a Sargent now. He is telling Foggy and Matt of a new deadly antihero in town.


Punisher is walking with a machine gun in one hand. Pretty standard Punisher image.


First shot of Frank Castle’s face. No emotion whatsoever. Perfect.


Daredevil is on the church ledge. Maybe his nightly patrol?


Karen looking at an x-ray of a skull. Why is this being shown? No idea, but we do know that the skull image is the Punisher’s logo.


Tender moment between Matt and Karen. Are we going to see a romance or will Karen spiral down into drugs like some of the comics have portrayed?



Frank Castle aiming a sniper rifle at someone. Will he take the shot?



Foggy is arguing with Matt.


Matt is arguing back.


Basically, Foggy is worried about Matt and he is telling him that he has given enough of his blood.


The only shot of Claire and she seems to be defending the Punisher and his actions. Maybe the Punisher saved her when he was at the hospital.


Another shot of the Punisher with a gun. Get used to it.


Looking over Hell’s Kitchen, deep in thought.


Matt is going down a corridor.


Are we getting another epic hallway fight scene?

We hope so!


The Punisher may have met Daredevil, judging by the blood on his face.


We think this is the scene where Daredevil is tied up by Punisher. We have seen images earlier and we know that the Punisher captures our blind hero.


The Punisher is taking on five guys at once with a human body shield. This will be nice to see.


Daredevil is looking angry. He’s had enough of the Punisher.


Fight scene. I’m sure we’ll have plenty.


Daredevil down.


The differing of philosophies. Daredevil doesn’t cross the line and the Punisher is questioning Daredevil’s methods. All it takes is one really bad day and the Punisher believes Daredevil isn’t willing to do enough.


“Hello Matthew.”

It’s Elektra. So who is she to Matt?

Elektra is basically Matt’s crazy ex-girlfriend. She is the daughter of a wealthy business man and she joins the organization called the Hand as an assassin.

How does she fit into this season? We have no idea yet, but we think it will lead up to a third season and it is also another challenge for Daredevil as he questions his morals.






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