Daredevil Season 2 Teaser Trailer Review


Hey guys, it’s Rek here. I am going to be reviewing the recent teaser trailer that was released for my favorite show and consequently one of my favorite comic book heroes, Daredevil. Netflix released the critically acclaimed first season early this year and if you haven’t seen it, ‘how dare you’…sorry, that was my pun for today.
Let’s go over a quick background of the blind hero that kicks serious ass. Matt Murdock was blinded as a child when he tried to save a man from getting hit by a speeding truck. The man was fine, but Matthew was doused with chemicals from the truck and he was rendered blind. He soon learned that his senses were extremely sharp. Now, his mother ran off when he was as toddler. His father was known as Fighting Jack Murdock. He was a boxer for Fogwell Gym and he was more famous for throwing his fights than actually winning…except for his last fight. He decided to win the fight for young Matthew, but unfortunately the gangster that he was working for decided to kill him. Matt was left alone and placed in a catholic orphanage.
Fast forward, he goes to school becomes a lawyer with his buddy Foggy Nelson, but at night he starts taking justice into his own hands. He jumps around on the rooftops of Hell’s Kitchen and becomes a vigilante.

Got it? Get Netflix!!!!

Let’s watch the trailer and then we’ll discuss:




Our first shot is of Hell’s Kitchen, the home of Daredevil. We have to wonder how the neighborhood has changed since Wilson Fisk a.k.a. Kingpin was put behind bars.



The second frame shows Matt, Foggy, and Karen. They are dressed in black and sitting in a church pew. I’m guessing it’s a funeral, we’ll have to find out for whom later.



Claire’s back for another season!  Claire is Daredevil’s friend and private nurse for all his injuries. She was one of the first people who knew his real identity.



Foggy with a bunch of S.W.A.T. at his side???? Protecting Matt from getting shot or protecting a crime scene? Still no idea, but we’re happy to see Foggy.



Awesome shot of Daredevil’s new suit!

Who’s down the stairs…?



Okay, here is the Electra! We finally are getting Matt’s early love interest. Matt met Electra at College and they hooked up. Unfortunately for Matt, she is a bit of a psycho. She vows to kill Daredevil because she thinks he killed her father. She likes to wield the sai blades and is also schooled in the ninja arts. She doesn’t realize that Matt is Daredevil and in the comics they fight, but eventually they start working together.

We do not know if she will be featured in just flashbacks or the here and now.

Another big question is, will we be seeing Bullseye soon?



Quick shot of a crime scene and we can see bullet holes in the windows.

Who is paying for those windows is my question?



We see here a C.S.I. marking a shot gun shell on the floor.

Did someone get punished???





These two snap shots are tied in together. Karen is examining an x-ray of a skull. In the background it is hard to see, but there are also a pictures of a bloodied bodies and a man holding a child.







But not too dead..



Well, who do we have here?

This is our first look at the Punisher!

He seems to be in a hospital with a gun.

Okay, quick Punisher history. Frank Castle was a F.B.I. agent that became a gun toting vigilante after a crime lord put a hit out on his entire family and killed them all. He was the only survivor and let’s just say, he’s got some pent up anger towards criminals.

In the Punisher’s mind, Daredevil is a criminal ( which is hysterical considering he kills people and Daredevil does not)

Who is he after? We’ll have to wait and see, but I’m pretty excited for season two.


Until next time ~ Rek



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