Daredevil Season Two: Trailer Two


Daredevil season season two, trailer two was released and we are now more excited than ever for our favorite show to premiere.

Check it out below and then we’ll talk more about each shot:



Elektra has broken into Matt’s apartment and she is asking for help. Matt isn’t too happy to see her.

Another awesome hallway fight scene? I can’t wait.

We hear Elektra telling Matt that the town is being over run with crime and it’s open for the taking. Matt, foolishly, thinks that he drove the crime lords out, but she is schooling him in Crime 101.

Yakuza crime lords…Japanese Mob.

More crime in Hell’s Kitchen.

Rival gang?

Yakuza henchmen on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

That’s an awesome pose that Daredevil is known for. He’s about to do a back flip on some dude and knock him unconscious.

Elektra and Daredevil working together.

Teamwork 🙂

The aftermath.

It kind of looked like Elektra snapped a guy’s neck…pretty badass, but didn’t Matt just get done telling her ‘No Killing’?

Very Daredevil. Red eyes. I think that it looks cool. Better than the first costume.

Melvin must have made some improvements.

Will we see Melvin? We here at SeppinRek hope so.

Seppin: Melvin is my favorite character on Daredevil…oh wait. Luke’s going to be in it this season. I forgot my boy Luke Cage.

Chaos on the docks. The Yakuza or the Hand?

We’ll get to the Hand in a minute.

Foggy is worried about Matt…again.

Matt is trying to recover from a recent patrol. Foggy is probably reluctantly taking care of him.

Karen is with a bunch of police officers. It looks like she is examining a crime scene which is odd considering she’s a secretary.

Quick shot of The Punisher with an assault rifle.

“This isn’t your city.” -Claire.

Change of heart. It seems like the friendship between Claire and Matt is on the decline. We think Claire may be on the Punisher’s side this season.

Daredevil falling through the glass ceiling.

Punisher has his shot gun out (finally) in the hospital. He’s obviously going after someone.

Elektra and Daredevil. It looks like she may be in her costume. We can see her holding her Sai.

More begging for help.

We think this is the Hand. They are sort of like the League of Assassins.

Seppin: A bunch of ninja’s in red.

It’s Stick. He’s back and telling Matt about the organization called the Hand.

Oh no, Kung Pao Crispy has returned.

Is it Nobu?

And Nobu’s face is almost revealed.

We don’t know what exactly he is lurching over, but we are going to go with a shrine or maybe even a tomb.

Seppin: Ignore it for now. We have no clue.

Another shot of The Punisher.

Looks like Matt is hooking up with Elektra.

Awesome jump.

Matt catching Elektra with the nunchuk ropes.

A giant pit in Hell’s kitchen. How did no one find out about this? Where does this pit go to?

It must have something to do with the Hand because Elektra is interested in it, but we just don’t know enough right now to speculate.

Seppin: I hope this doesn’t involve with the Shadowlands story line.

They’re not doing it this season. It would be too much for them to do. Maybe next season.


Final thoughts:

Rek: The season looks good. Can’t wait for some more Daredevil.

Seppin: Sweet Christmas. I just can’t wait to see Luke Cage and some more Melvin, and of course John Bernthal as the Punisher.


~Rek (mostly)

~Seppin (annoyingly)


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