Monday Match Up: DC Month has Begun!


Our month long ode to DC has begun. In honor of that we are doing a Batman vs. Superman like match up.

Let’s get ready to rumble.


Robin: Damian Wayne


Trained by the League of Assassins

Trained by Batman (his father) as well

Assortment of gadgets at his disposal

Had super powers once




Slight blood lust




Extreme telekinesis

*He’s able to harness some of Superman’s abilities, but he’s not as powerful*


He’s a clone

Major blood lust



Half human and half Kryptonian



Rek: This is really just a competition of who I hate the least.

Seppin: I would say Damian. Mostly because Superboy is a punk that I don’t like at all.

Rek: On one side, we have a disrespectful brat…

Seppin: Damian was raised away from society. It’s not his fault. He’s better now.

Rek: On the other side, we have another disrespectful child. How can I make this decision?

Seppin: Pick the lesser of the two evils.

Rek: Seppin specifically did this match so I would have to pick Damian…didn’t you?

Seppin: Originally, but really it’s about Robin and Superboy.

Rek: Fine. I’ll go with Damian.

Seppin: It’s obvious Damian will win. Superboy may have super powers, but nobody likes him.


Winner: Robin




The Joker



Insane. No one can understand his tactics


Secret Identity

He has no use for money so he can’t be bought







Lex Luthor




He seems to have an endless supply of Kryptonite

Power armor





Can get too greedy at times


Fight! Fight!

Seppin: Joker.

Rek: Lex Luthor.

Seppin: Bro… Joker would so win.

Rek: That’s not a viable defense.

Seppin: If Joker focuses on Lex Luthor, he would win.

Rek: But Joker can’t focus. He won’t focus on Lex because he is always focused on Batman. Plus, all Lex would have to do is punch him in his power armor.

Seppin: But Joker can’t die. He would keep on coming back.

Rek: Lock him up.

Seppin: He would break out.

Rek: And the same thing would happen. Over and over again. This is a fight, not a quarrel.

Seppin: If Joker wants someone dead, he would be dead. Why do you think Batman has been alive all this time? Because Joker doesn’t want him to die.

Rek: I don’t understand how you can support Joker. He would not win in a fight.

Seppin: Joker wins. He won’t stop trying to kill Lex. Ever. Joker toxin, anyone?

Rek: Lex is smart.

Seppin: Smart vs. Insanity. Insanity will always win.

Rek: I’m done.

Seppin: I think I won fair and square.


Winner: The Joker


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*The month of March is going to be dedicated to DC Comics*

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