Wrecking Rek Wednesday

Reking Rek

By popular demand, Wrecking Rek is back and better than ever!

We have quite a comic book for Rek to review today.

Welcome back the amazing return of Wrecking Rek. This week, I was forced to return to the “epic” adventures of Scooby Doo. Please, hold your excitement. I know that I had to…

To start off this brilliant comic, Mystery Inc. and the Flash take on a dragon. Great. It turns out to be a mirror trick by Mirror Master. He is disposed of at lightning speed. Then, the Flash gets a telepathic message from Gorilla City. Flash pushes the Mystery Machine across the ocean and shows the team Gorilla City.

There are a few comments made by Daphne that are offensive, in my opinion, and should have been looked over before being placed into the comic. If this hasn’t bored you to a pulp yet, we go through a long conversation that leads up to Grodd jumping out of the jungle to attack them. The smartest ape in Gorilla City makes the most careless attack against Flash and the crew. Sounds about right.


To rate this comic lower than the Aquaman team-up would be a crime. So, on the wreck scale of 1-whatever; I would give the comic a four.****


Many thanks to Sholly Fisch and Dario Brizuela. If it wasn’t for you meddling kids, I would still be sane.



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