Captain America Civil War Clips



Captain America Civil War is almost upon us and there have been a flurry of clips released. We plan on doing a whole week devoted to Cap in a few weeks before the movie is released, but we thought we would catch everyone up on the latest clips and news.


Black Panther Chase


Captain America Civil War Trailer Spots


The Team vs. Bucky Clip


New Recruit


Right To Choose


Just Like We Practiced



We got our first look at Danial Bruhl as Baron Zemo. In the Marvel comics, Baron Zemo is a psychotic Nazi scientist (or the son of said scientist, depending on the decade) with a vendetta against Captain America. He wears a distinct purple face mask and his powers fluctuate with each story line, depending on which artifacts and gadgets he has in his arsenal at the time.

The exact nature of Zemo’s role in the film hasn’t been exactly explained in any of the official materials, but those early reviews have indicated that he is essentially the Lex Luthor-in-BatmanvSuperman of this movie, pulling the strings from behind-the-scenes and watching the heroes squirm. Joe Russo, who directed the film with Anthony Russo, had very little to add:

“He’s still similar to what you know of Zemo, a revenge character.”


civil war baron zemo

No word yet on whether he will look like this at the end or if they are going for a different concept.

civil war baron zemo


We’ll keep you posted on all the latest news concerning Captain America Civil War as it comes out.





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