Tuesday Top Five: Superhero Video Games


Today we are going to list our top five superhero video games. We have quite the list and we know that some are going to be debatable to others, but again these are our favorites. You may or may not agree with us, but that’s okay.


5. Watch Dogs

Seppin: Now this is probably the most debatable game on our list. We know this because we debated about it ourselves. I came to the conclusion the the vigilante later known as The Fax is a hero and is a pretty awesome one at that. Not many people enjoyed this game because the graphics changed for the worse when they released a new trailer that showed a game that didn’t look as good as people first thought. It is true that it has become part of the Ubisoft curse were the games are not as sharp looking as their trailers. It is one of my favorite games so that is why it made it on the list.

Rek: I do not believe that Watch Dogs should be on this list for it is a hacker game and not a hero game. This is my opinion of the game, but I can see that some think that he is a vigilante.


4. Marvel Heroes

Seppin: Another one of my favorite games. It is an MMO were you can play as all of your favorite Marvel superheroes. It is incredibly fun with friends, but the solo storyline is just as simple to play. It is an easy game to get into and won’t take any time at all to play.

Rek: It’s an alright game…


3. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Seppin: Oh this is a wonderful game. It is based off of it’s own comic that was created by the fans in the DC community. It is just as amazing and the fighting is really good too. It has a smooth gameplay and the story is taken right off of the pages, although the comic has only just caught up with the game’s story. The game takes place in an alternate universe where the Joker makes Superman destroy Metropolis and kill Lois Lane. This caused Superman to kill the Joker and dictate the entire world. Batman is the leader of the resistance and has to hide from Superman until he can kill him or trap him.

Rek: The story in this game is phenomenal and I highly recommend it.

2. Infamous

Seppin: The Infamous games are quite unique in the fact that they put you in this crazy world with super powered people called conduits. You are one of those conduits and try to fight conduits that use their powers for evil. There is a system in the game were you can either choose to go on the good path or the evil path. So you choose whether you will become a hero or a villain. Oh, and Troy Baker voices Delsin Rowe in Second Son.

Rek: I wish that I could say that I’ve played these games, but I haven’t. They all look pretty good and I love the mechanics of choosing sides.

  1. Arkham Games

Seppin: Does any other game really beat this anthology? No, because they are beautiful and they are the most amazing games ever. Should I say anything more than these are the best games of all time? Nope. The games also have the great voice actors from the animated series. Done.

Rek: I hundred percent agree with Arkham Knight and loved every bit of it, even when I went insane doing the riddles.







Saints Row 4

Spiderman Games

Lego Batman

Lego Marvel Superheroes





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