The Flash Director Departs

Director Seth Grahame-Smith has left Warner Bros. The Flash movie. According to sources he is departing over creative differences. This would have been Grahame-Smith’s first time directing a movie, but he has worked on several films over the last few years.

So does this spell trouble for the DCEU?

Maybe, maybe not. A lot of directors leave projects so it’s not that uncommon. Of course, the second this hit the wire, everyone was frantically shooting off articles and blog posts that this is the end for Warner Bros. and their plans for any upcoming movies.

One small blog even insinuated that James Wan was leaving Aquaman even though there hasn’t been a whiff of any strife between him and WB. Funny enough, James Wan posted this picture in response on his Instagram.


Yeah, he’s not going anywhere.


Let’s look at the facts.

Seth Grahame-Smith’s script is still being used. He has been the author of several movies, and when he was hired as the director, a lot of people were shocked that they were going to go with a first time recruit.

He still is going to be involved with production and will probably assist in finding his replacement.

There is still plenty of time for them to find a director since The Flash isn’t scheduled for release until 2018.

Is there going to be a shake up and changes since the divided critical reception for Batman v Superman?

We actually believe that there will be, but we think it is going to be more to do with keeping Zack Snyder on a leash than the other adaptations. Warner Bros is a major studio and they have big plans for the DCEU. Losing a director on any other film may not be front page news, but because it is connected with Batman v Superman then everyone loses their minds and tries to cause widespread panic.

They are not going to scrap their entire movie lineup at this stage in the game. To even suggest that is laughable.

This is truly unlike anything we have ever seen before. To think that one movie could cause such divisiveness and be the cause for so many articles and rumors is simply amazing.

The comment section beneath every major article about BvS is like a war zone between Marvel and DC fans. It’s like a landmine that you have to step carefully on if you choose to say anything and now The Flash movie is being used as another lightening rod for arguments and rumors.


We really wish people would just relax and enjoy the fact that we are in a time where we are getting so many comic book movies. It’s shouldn’t be about Marvel vs. DC. It should be a time to simply be happy that we are finally getting to see our favorites on the big screen.






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