The Leaked Flash Promo is Hiding a Character!

A small promotion video for the upcoming Flash film has leaked online and is causing a ton of theories. People are coming up with wacky theories over this promo because there is a character hidden by a spoiler warning sign in multiple shots! This is really funny, but it has us all wondering who is... Continue Reading →

New Flash Director and Writer

Hey everyone! It seems the roller-coaster that is the Flash movie continues with another director change. Ugh... I just wish that WB would get moving with this film already. I know they want to get it just right, but their sitting on The Flash is annoying us fans. Still, It's said that Andy Muschietti is... Continue Reading →

Flashpoint Script Done

One of the biggest announcements at Comic-Con this year was the DC confirming that The Flash movie was going to be called Flashpoint. The Flashpoint story being told pretty much blew us away and we've been eagerly looking forward to any news concerning the movie. Variety is reporting that the script has been handed in,... Continue Reading →

Upcoming DC Films-Flashpoint Confirmed

During the WB panel at Comic-Con, they revealed what movies are upcoming. Wonder Woman 2 Suicide Squad 2 Batgirl Green Lantern Corp. Shazam The Batman Justice League Dark and The Flash movie is titled...Flashpoint! Oh, you knew Geoff Johns was going to find a way to do it and it's happening! Dare we hope...?  ... Continue Reading →

The Hans Solo Movie Shake Up

Remember this happy cast photo from a few months ago? They looked to be having so much fun, but apparently behind the scenes things were not as they appeared. Disney announced last night that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller had departed production from the Han Solo movie and each issued a statement, along with... Continue Reading →

The Flash Movie Rumor

We hate to post rumors, but this one is just too interesting not to share because we have been dying to hear anything about a Flash movie. It is rumored that Robert Zemeckis, the great director behind Forrest Gump, Castaway, and funny enough Back to the Future has been in talks with Warner Bros. to... Continue Reading →

Batman Solo Movie News

In our 'Let's take this news with a grain of salt', Slash Film is reporting that the Batman solo movie script is being scrapped and starting over from scratch. We do know that the movie will probably be pushed back because of Matt Reeves commitments and has nothing to do with Ben Affleck's refreshingly honest... Continue Reading →

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