The Killing Joke Trailer Review


Today we want to discuss the recent teaser trailer for Batman:The Killing Joke. This is the animated adaptation of the famous graphic novel by Alan Moore. We are not sure what is more amazing, the fact that they are actually doing this animated movie or the fact that it is rated R.

Check out the trailer below and then we’ll discuss this epic event in detail:

Wow. This is really happening. Is everyone else as excited as we are?

Oh, this is great to see. Batman sitting down with the “Joker” to talk about which one of them is going to die first. This is how the comic starts off and from this one scene alone we know that they are going word for word with the comic, and are doing an amazing job at it.

The Killing Joke is one of the most definitive Batman stories because it gives us the closest to a Joker origin story that we have ever gotten, until Scott Snyder gives us the next issue of Batman, that is. What makes it such an amazing story is that it shows us the Joker as a regular guy who just had a one very bad day. We also see in the graphic novel that Barbara Gordon is shot by the Joker. A non-comic book reader would assume it is because she is Bat-girl, but it was just a part of Joker’s plot to make Commissioner Gordon go insane. At first this was just a stand alone comic that was outside of the main Batman universe, but in the years that have followed we have had multiple references to that incident until everyone has now just assumed that it is cannon.

The next controversial topic about The Killing Joke is after Barbara is shot, the Joker takes Gordon, but before he does that he undresses Barbara and takes photos of her. This has been debated many times as to whether the Joker raped her or not, but the majority of hardcore Batman fans believe that the Joker did not do this. We know that the Joker is not a sexual being, so why would he waste his time with Barbara?

No, the Joker is not that kind of psychopath. At least he doesn’t have that need like other characters and we’ll be disappointed if it is insinuated.

During this we get to see Bruce trying to piece together the identity of the Joker, but it is nearly impossible for him to decipher and with everything that the Joker has said to Bruce, he just can’t identify him. We also see Bruce is getting older and is tired of fighting the Joker. He wants their little game to end.

So at the end of the comic we have our main Batman/Joker fight, but we see them get tired and start talking about what is to come for them. The Joker tells us one of his notorious jokes including two inmates escaping a prison and when the Joker finishes, we see Batman laugh at his joke, but the laugh turns to be a bit maniacal. Many fans describe Batman going insane after the joke, but we have never seen this come to fruition.

We cannot stress how important this animated movie is going to be and we also want to caution parents to heed the ‘R’ rating. This is going to be a dark, gritty story not fit for children and we applaud Warner Bros. for not caving into making this film more child friendly.

Batman: The Killing Joke release date has been officially revealed by Amazon, which puts the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment adaptation as being available on Blu-ray and DVD on August 2. The film will be available on Digital HD July 23. You can pre-order your own copy of the film on Amazon right now.





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