The Justice League Movie Villain Revealed?



There was a flurry of posts released after Birth. Movies. Death published an article stating that they had an inside scoop on The Justice League Movie villain. According to editor in chief Devin Feraci, the first major villain we will see is Steppenwolf.

You may remember that right after Batman v Superman was released, Zack Snyder tweeted a deleted scene which we also did a full analysis on and you can read it here.

What do we think is going to happen in Justice League Part One?

We already know that Bruce will be recruiting the other members of the Justice League. We might be reaching here, but we think Bruce will seek out The Flash (first) and then find Cyborg. Diana is the most likely choice to find Aquaman and try to bring him on board.

There have been rumors that we will get some sort of Throne of Atlantis story line and we assume that Steppenwolf may make an appearance at the end. We do not think he is the only villain because there were too many references to Darkseid in BvS. Steppenwolf may just be the set-up man and then we’ll see the big, bad, guy himself in Justice League Part Two.

It will be interesting to see how The Flash movie and the Aquaman movie lead up to Part Two. We also do believe that Doomsday will make another appearance and we think we might just catch a glimpse of him in Suicide Squad because we all know Amanda Waller has probably got him locked up in Belle Rev.





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