Justice League Villain Update


It seems more information and news about The Justice League Movie is leaking into cyber world.

Yesterday’s reports that Steppenwolf will play the main villain in Justice League Part One, currently filming with director Zack Snyder, seemed to be on the mark because today  Heroic Hollywood has followed up with details that seemingly lend credence and also add a lot more detail.

Apparently the beginning of the film will detail a battle which took place centuries ago, when Darkseid was defeated by the Amazons, Atlanteans and mankind as he tried to invade earth. This battle will be the setup for the two Justice League films, as Steppenwolf (and presumably, later Darkseid) is on Earth in search of three Mother Boxes Darkseid left behind.

Those three Mother Boxes, according to the report, are the three you see a character rumored to be Steppenwolf manipulating in the “Communion” deleted scene from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was released right after the movie.

We can only speculate about the whereabouts of the Mother Boxes, other than that we saw one of them used to save the life of the dying teenager, Victor Stone. He turns into Cyborg in the S.T.A.R. Labs security footage that Batman and Wonder Woman viewed in Batman V Superman. We think that each of the three Earth-born races that fought Darkseid got one of the Mother Boxes, and that both the Amazons and the Atlanteans have access to one of the others.

This story-line could definitely tie in with the Wonder Woman movie and also our theory that it will be Diana who will go and find Aquaman to ask for his help forming this new super league.

Again this is only speculation and with the movie not being released for another year and a half, we should take it with a grain of salt. It is curious to note that after critics lampooned Batman v Superman we thought that interest in The Justice League Movie might wane, but that does not appear to be the case.

And we are pretty happy about that!




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