Booster Gold Movie Confirmed


“The Greatest Story never told…”

Rumors of a Booster Gold movie have been floating around for over a year and now we have confirmation. Greg Berlanti, executive producer of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl, has now confirmed that he is attached to the project and he would like to direct.

“I’m attached to a few films [at Warner Bros.] now, and one, Booster Gold, is a DC property. Zack Stentz, who wrote an episode of Flash last year, just got the job, so he’s writing the script now. I’d probably direct that, or I would want to.”

Interestingly though, there was now mention of Booster Gold’s counterpart, Blue Beetle, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see an appearance from Ted Kord in a way of a cameo. These two are the epitome of the funny buddy cop pair and there is no way you can’t have Blue Beetle in a Booster Gold movie in some capacity.

So, who is Booster Gold?

Short version: He is a time traveling janitor that goes back in time to be a hero instead of a loser.

Longer Version: Created by Dan Jurgens in 1986 and featured in his own eponymous series, Booster Gold is the superheroic identity of Michael Jon Carter, a resident of the 25th century who travels back in time to the present day DC Universe. There, he makes use of his futuristic technology to become a hero, at first eschewing traditional heroic notions of justice and nobility and instead signing endorsement deals and shamelessly self-promoting.

Booster Gold is known as the greatest story never told because he is an unknown hero that goes on these great adventures that no one cares about…until now.




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