Supergirl Coming to the CW!


We wrote last week about the possibility of Supergirl being renewed and moving to the CW, and it is happening! Last night news broke out that it was heading to the home of The Flash and Arrow.

We now have more details today from  David Harewood, who plays the Martian Manhunter on the series, took to Twitter to confirm that the move will not only be a network one, but a physical one as well. The series will move to Vancouver for Season 2 and also according to Harewood, the series will also have a 22-episode order — two more episodes than Season One and six more than The CW’s other DC super-series, Legends of Tomorrow.

One of the highest-rated and most buzzed-about episodes of Supergirl this year was its crossover with The Flash. A move to The CW — especially if the movie is also physical and production is relocated to Vancouver — likely would mean an increase in crossover opportunities with the DC Universe set up at the network. Supergirl shares executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg with ArrowThe Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The only issue with any crossover is how are they going to establish it if Supergirl is located on Earth 3 or 4 as we have assumed. It’s either going to mean major traveling for The Flash, as well as the others, but also if they are going to place Supergirl onto Earth One for a fresh start.

Honestly, we’re just excited to see Dig (Arrow) meet Supergirl. How funny will that be if it happens?




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