Warner Bros. Shake-Up


It was only a matter a time before Warner Bros. was going to do a massive overhaul in regards to the DC Comics film division. We here at SeppinRek believed after the divisive response to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that there was going to be some sort of shake up and now we know for certain that it has indeed happened.

The Hollywood Reporter got the initial scoop, and even though Warner Bros. have declined to comment, those on the inside confirmed that none other than Geoff Johns will be co-heading the department with WB EVP Jon Berg.

Geoff Johns is Warner Bros. Chief Content Officer and he has been instrumental in establishing the brand’s presence on t.v. and he has also written many DC comics. Berg has already been heavily involved in the DC division, having worked on BvS, Justice League, Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman. He also has a strong relationship with Ben Affleck having worked with him on Argo and Affleck’s upcoming movie, Live By Night.

While the WB  move is a major move for the studio, it is not necessarily a reactionary one. DC Films is not being created as a clone of Marvel Studios, nor does Warner Bros. intend to copy the Marvel method of making films and we don’t think they need too.

Johns and Berg won’t be occupying a role similar to Kevin Feige at Marvel and the so-called “director-driven” approach Warner Bros has touted since first announcing the DC Extended Universe is very much still in effect. Johns and Berg, who will still report to their respective superiors within Warner Bros as they attend to their other duties, will be providing guidance and structure to the task of building out the DCEU. Individual directors will therefore retain control over key decisions including casting, aesthetics, and certain story elements.

The main thing, so we’re hearing, is that Warner Bros and DC have apparently been paying close attention to the reaction of fans and critics to Batman V Superman and the studio is keenly interested in being responsive as it maps out the future of the DC universe.

With Ben Affleck being named Executive Producer on Justice League and Geoff Johns basically in charge, where does this leave Zack Snyder? We all know he was the architect behind the DC Films line-up and we have heard that Ben Affleck’s slide into the EP role was more in a way to protect Snyder and his vision, but what happens next with the controversial film director?

We actually enjoy Zack Snyder’s take as a director and we love the way he infuses epicness in his movies, but we are aware that sometimes the story, as well as, the script can get lost. We would love to see him stay on as an Executive Producer and collaborator, but we do think he needs to step aside so we may get a more mainstream vibe to upcoming films.

This is a pretty major story and we would love to hear your thoughts!





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