Netflix Rumor: Moonknight? Blade? Ghost Rider?


Oh, Netflix. Have you been reading our blog?

Last year we did a Tuesday Top Five Post that included our favorite Marvel characters that deserved a Netflix show.

They were in order:

5. Spiderverse

4. Captain Britain

3. Blade (Seppin) Ghost Rider (Rek)

2. The Punisher

  1. Moon Knight

Coincidence or are we just lucky?

Marvel and Netflix have been busy finalizing the upcoming seasons of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher, and instead of Daredevil Season 3, The Defenders, but what’s next?

Well we have heard rumors that they are indeed looking to add Blade Runner, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight. There is absolutely no information as of yet, but it did get us excited.

Blade Ghost Rider Moon Knight

Blade would be an excellent fit for Netflix and there are a ton of story lines they could draw from to really bring him back to popularity. Moon Knight is also an amazing choice and one of our personal favorites. This character is so complicated and they would have to cast someone who could really fill the role, but we trust in Netflix since they haven’t let us down yet.

Ghost Rider is perhaps the most interesting choice because the show would definitely be dark, but it would also have to incorporate a lot of special effects and C.G.I which is something Netflix hasn’t had do much of with the current shows.

If this rumor is true, it certainly is exciting, and we can’t wait to see any of these three characters on the small screen.


Which show would you be most excited for?







2 thoughts on “Netflix Rumor: Moonknight? Blade? Ghost Rider?

Add yours

  1. These characters were all safe bets. They’re characters with long histories and who’ve gotten plenty of chances at their own books. Everyone was saying they should get shows.

    For my part, my response to this line-up is: “So no women, huh? Maybe a woman of colour? Or a Latino? An Asian-American? Just two white guys and a black guy.”

    Like, why not White Tiger (and version)? Where the hell is White Tiger’s Netflix series? When will a Daughters of the Dragon series be announced? Shang-Chi? Where’s the diversity that goes beyond tokenism?


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