Flash Season Three- Flashpoint


The third season premiere of The Flash will be titled “Flashpoint,” according to series star Grant Gustin. Gustin revealed the title today via Twitter. He  first revealed that he had read the episode’s script but was coy about the title, only revealing it after receiving the okay from producer Greg Berlanti.



“Flashpoint” reference’s the major DC Comics event series of the same name. Flashpoint, written by now DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff John and drawn by Andy Kubert. The event takes place in an alternate DC Universe timeline where Bruce Wayne is dead, Thomas Wayne is Batman, there is no known Superman, and New Themyscira and Atlantis are on the brink of war. The only one who remembers the true DC Universe timeline is Barry Allen, who is shocked to discover that his previously deceased mother, Nora Allen, is alive in the new timeline.

The big twist comes when it is revealed that Barry created the Flashpoint universe by travelling back in time to prevent the Reverse-Flash from killing Nora. Barry’s attempt to undo his previous action and restore the original timeline ends up being a catalyst for the creation of the New 52 DC Universe.

We are big fans of this storyline and we are excited to see what they do with this on television. Our favorite part of Flashpoint is the Thomas Wayne Batman. He is awesomely brutal and how we would love to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Thomas Wayne BvS) play that role on the big screen.


Are you excited for season three of The Flash?





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