Finding Kevin A Role

Finding Kevin


Welcome back to Finding Kevin. For those who are new to this segment, my goal is to find Kevin James a role in the superhero cinematic universe. I am sure that the Marvel fans are going to hate me for doing another two DC castings, but I think that it is easier for me to cast DC characters. I promise you that next week will have two Marvel characters…

We’ll see…

Let’s get started on this lovely journey!




With little to no news about the Shazam film, I figured that it might be a good time to cast somebody for the main role. By somebody, I mean Mr. James! I know that Monday draft has already done Shazam, but I don’t care what Seppin says. Shazam is the superhero persona of Billy Batson, a kid. Kevin James is known for his comedy and I believe that he could pull off this superhero role. “The strength of gods and the mindset of a child.”




Would it not be hilarious to see Kevin James play Basil Karlo. He can walk the red carpet, show off his awards, and go on talk shows. I personally feel like this is one of the best castings that we have ever come up with. Kevin can no doubt bring some light to the stage as well as express the emotion behind the soulless eyes of Clayface. This is the role that Kevin James was born to play.


I hope that you have enjoyed this week’s Finding Kevin and I am excited to show you what I have in store for next week. If you have any suggestions for who this great prophet should play, please comment it down below. Until next time…




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