Seppin’s Review: Dark Night A True Batman Story

Hey everyone, today I am going to review the recent graphic novel by Paul Dini, Dark Night: A True Batman Story.

Here’s a little bit of background behind Paul Dini for those who aren’t aware of this mastermind. Anyone who loves Warner Brothers animation should know that he worked on Tiny Toons, but he was the big name other than Bruce Timm to work on Batman the Animated series, which is without a doubt one of the best cartoons of all time. He also worked on Batman Beyond and the legendary animated film Mask of the Phantasm. So I hope you all can understand who this guy is and why he is considered such a great master of his craft.

Right away I want to say that this isn’t some action packed Batman book, if anything it is a Paul Dini autobiography. So don’t go in reading it expecting something all about Batman, yes he is a main player in the book, just not in the way you think.

P.S. I am not going to use any spoilers since it is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read. So here is a quick rundown…

It’s starts with Paul’s childhood and how he was different. Then we get to a point were he gets really trashed by this girl he thought he was on a date on. Paul walked home that night and on his way, he was mugged, and beaten up terribly. So throughout the whole book we see him deal with this and his depression, not to mention his alcoholism.

Jeez, they really pushed on how much he drank during that time, but who wouldn’t after that experience? It definitely shows Batman in a different view that may surprise some people.

This book really surprised me since I didn’t know that this happened to Paul Dini. It also really spoke to me since it just shows you this guy who is having some trouble and is trying to cling on to something.

I think that every comic book reader or fan has that character that they think about and gain hope from when they are down. Paul’s was Batman, which isn’t the most logical at first, but the book does a great way describing Batman as a symbol of hope. I know that I personally look to Green Lantern, mostly for his use of willpower, but that’s just me. If anyone has their own character I would love to hear more about it in the comments.

I am not lying or trying to sell this to you when I say this, but this book is a 10/10. It is a must for anyone.

You can download here for kindle.




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