Seppin and Sinder are playing Payday 2!

Random Payday 2

Seppin and Sinder are back to record their decent time heisting in Payday 2. There will be an episode appearing each day this week so go and check them out. We would really appreciate it and don’t forget to subscribe!

Speaking of YouTube, we are moving to a daily posting schedule since it is the summer. We haven’t completed the schedule yet, but it will go something like this…


Monday: Payday 2 or any Group Game

Whether it is Payday 2, Garry’s Mod, or maybe some CS:GO we have many games that we just play randomly, and those will be on Mondays


Tuesday: Seppin Plays

Any let’s play, or a play through that Seppin is currently doing will go out on Tuesday. That will be Arkham Knight, Choice of the Deathless and he’s working on another game too.


Wednesday: TeamCraft

We have started a 2 v 2 team Minecraft game in which the two groups will go head to head and see who is better.


Thursday: Rek Plays

The same concept with Seppin Plays, but with Rek’s games. He is currently in the Star Wars mood so you will see Star Wars the Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic. Seppin and Rek are planning on doing a Saints Row 3 play through as well.


Podcast (1)

Friday:  Scrubscast

Our Weekly Podcast where we talk about all the incredible news that has popped up that week.


Check out our channel and Subscribe!





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