Monday Draft: Game Edition

Monday Draft

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Monday draft where we cast actors as characters in roles for upcoming projects that we would like to see. This week we will be casting for upcoming or rumored movies that have origins to video game franchises. So let us begin…


Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake is the main character to the Uncharted franchise which has four installments and is widely popular to all PlayStation players. This adventurer is a bit like Indiana Jones in the sense that he travels around the world to gather treasure and prevent other hunters from getting the treasure. The unique characteristic that players fell in love with was his sarcastic and funny remarks to the craziness surrounding his situation. The Uncharted movie was originally “Charted” for this Summer, unfortunately they had to delay.


Scott Eastwood



Bradley Cooper




Joel (The Last of Us)

In a world where an outbreak of illness has taken many of the world’s population, Joel lost his family at the beginning, and survives on his own until he finds a little girl named Ellie. He ends up having to take her on a journey to get her home. It is one of the best stories that have ever been told in a video game. The movie’s script is being written by Neil Druckmann who wrote the story for the game. The movie is pretty far away, but we all know it is going to be great when it does come out.



Hugh Jackman



Josh Brolin




Commander Shepard

So we know that they have been making this movie ever since 2010, but we never hear anything about it. We do know that Avi Arad is directing or at least creating it. Everyone probably knows him since he was the Marvel director who worked on all of the older Marvel movies, (meaning everything before the Incredible Hulk, as well as The Amazing Spider Man movies). We also know that this is FAR AWAY. Like no time soon, so we are going to have to deal with that for the casting.


Matthew Fox


Sam Worthington


Thoughts? Let us know what your choices are in the comment section below.




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