Constantine on CW Seed!

So we have brought you here today to answer the question, “Why is Constantine on the CW Seed right now?”

For those that aren’t aware the CW Seed is CW’s app that contains episodes from their shows. So why is Constantine on there? Is it because he appeared on Arrow last season? Why would they be promoting a canceled show?

Or is it because they have captured the rights to use the character on their network? Now this doesn’t mean that they can take the show from NBC, but they could be allowed to to do an animated internet series like Vixen. Yes, this means that they could create a series and have Matt Ryan voice if he is committed enough. We think that he is since he is still promoting the character on podcasts and at conventions.

So what does this mean for Constantine in the CWverse. Matt Ryan is confirmed to be apart of Legends of Tomorrow as a regular and maybe he will get his own animated series. At least we hope for him to get his own series since we love DC animation and it would be awesome to see this character drawn for a series.

Overall we hope this means great things for Constantine.

Just don’t put his show on a Friday night at alternating times.




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