The Killing Joke Movie Review


Batman: The Killing Joke broke records this week with a stunning 3.8 million dollar 2 night only Fathom Event premiere.

So what did we think?


For anyone that is looking for a chill and accurate representation of the graphic novel then I highly recommend it to them, but if your looking for something new that reinvents it, then your out of luck. The beginning twenty minutes was a good way to reintroduce and strengthen Barbara’s character. Then they start doing the graphic novel throughout the rest of the film. It is basically word for word and panel by panel. Although I just recommend getting Alan Moore’s original work, it is great to hear Mark Hamil and Kevin Conroy voicing this iconic event.

Score out of ten: 7.2



I have read The Killing Joke and I thought that the last half of the movie did a great job at showing the emotional roller coaster. Now the first twenty five minutes on the other hand, I was a little skeptical. I am not a fan of Bruce Timm’s idea that Batman and Batgirl had a relationship. You can agree with me or disagree, but I did not like their sexual relationship. Other than that, it was a good animated movie that made me laugh.

Score out of ten: 7.1


I have not read The Killing Joke, but living with Seppin and Rek, I know about the story, and I was interested in seeing this movie.

In my opinion this movie felt like it was divided into two parts. I understood the need to add more depth to Barbara’s story and how pivotal a role her getting paralyzed was in The Killing Joke, but I had some issues with the beginning of the movie. I do not think they should have added a sexual tone to Batgirl and Batman. I think if they would have made Batman more of her mentor in a father like way they could have easily conveyed the same emotion.

I also felt like the whole fan-girl infatuation she had of Batman was unnecessary and it diminished her strength as a strong, female character.

My favorite part was the actual killing joke and you really get a sense of how crazy the Joker truly is in this movie. Mark Hamill was excellent and I loved the 10 minute intro he sat down and did beforehand.

Overall I give the movie 7.0.







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