Batman: Gotham by Gaslight Next DC Animated Movie

We were wondering what the next DC Animated film would be and interestingly enough it is going to be Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.  It’s quite a surprise since the comic itself was a one shot deal kind of thing and is not considered to be in cannon, but we are intrigued by what they could do with it since it is a very steampunk, Gothic style story.

Basically, it’s Batman in the 1800’s and his foe is none other than Jack the Ripper. This was one of the first ‘Elseworlds’ story-lines and like we said, it does not follow cannon, but places characters in different timelines and realities. How this connects in any  way, shape or form, is a mystery, but perhaps this is simply a single story.

We’re actually looking forward to it since we think the artwork is going to be incredible.






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