Let’s just get this right out of the way because you know you want to say it…

Now then, there is a rumor going around that Warner Bros. will start production on Shazam in February 2018 and it reportedly has a release date of April 5, 2019. According to sources, director David F. Sanberg has been signed on and Henry Gayden is writing the script.

We already know that The Rock…

is playing Black Adam, so are they currently casting for Billy Batson and Shazam, or do they already have someone lined up for Shazam…

Armie Hammer? We were on the Green Lantern bandwagon with him, but much like Shazam, there is a somewhat childlike playfulness about Hammer since he started trolling, could it be because he was cast in a completely different role or are we just still a bit crazy to find out who he is playing in the DCEU. Another role that has been thrown around is Thomas Elliot (Hush), so we’re still not sure.

Either way, Comic-Con is looking to be very interesting indeed.




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