Top Five DC Anti- Heroines

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After much thought, Seppin realized that DC has a ton of woman that are close to the line of hero and villain. After making up a list, he decided to pick out his top five favorite anti-heroines.


5. Poison Ivy

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Pamela Isley was a scientist researching ways to communicate with plants and cures for cancer, but after a freak accident she gained the ability to control plant life. She may have become an eco-terrorist, but she is just fighting against pollution and evil industrialists. She’s like Captain Planet in that sense, but she does use deadly force and has made many toxins to poison her foes making her evil. Overall she can be seen on both sides of the fence.


4. Huntress

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Helana Bertinelli has a backstory that came straight from the Godfather. Her parents were from two rival families, but hoped to repair their relationship in Gotham. However, one night, one of the families bust into their house, and killed Helana’s entire family in front of her. From that moment on, she vowed for vengeance against the men that wronged her family. She is a murderer, but she is only killing the men that need to be killed so that no one else suffers what she did. Is she a hero?


3. Wonder Woman

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This may seem as a bit of a stretch depending on your outlook of heroes. She was trained to kill on Themyscira and she is a warrior at heart. Diana has slain her fair share of foes in the past, but it’s always been her last choice to do so. Gods may be difficult to kill, but men like Maxwell Lord aren’t going to grow their head back.

MSR does not think Wonder Woman counts as an anti-hero at all. She is a hero in her mind, but if you read the comics, you know she has a darker side of Justice.


2. Harley Quinn

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Harley has always been difficult to place because she is the Joker’s girlfriend, but she has helped plenty of people. Perhaps somewhere in that deranged mind of her’s, she thinks that she is helping everyone. Maybe she thinks that she is helping Mr. J by being by his side or is she just making sure that innocent people don’t get hurt while she and her Puddin’ wreak havoc.


1. Catwoman

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Selena may have started out as a thief, but she was only a thief to help the little guy. She used her skills to provide for her friend, Holly, and for people that had it rough. After several scuffles with the caped crusader, she has been leaning towards the path of the light and helping. That still doesn’t change that she is a thief and occasionally a murderer.


What do you think? Add any of your picks in the comments below!







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