SeppinRek Book Cover Reveal

It’s that time again!

Yes, our next book is almost ready to be published and we are excited to reveal the blurb and book cover to Rek’s latest writing creation.

Our next character to be introduced is one that our few readers are already acquainted with and we are happy to share with you Agent Armory’s story!



Official Blurb:

Alice is a female World War II sergeant, sent to the future and recruited by a secret organization to help end evil in this world.

On her latest mission, she will join forces with a modern day knight in shining armor to undermine the capitalistic rule of the mysterious company Helcorp. There is more to this company than meets the eye and Alice will now be thrust into a world of faith and magic.

Will she be able to face her own demons to complete her objective? Or will she forever be stuck in the past as she faces her new future in this modern world?

Agent Armory is the sixth book in the new comic book novel series created by SeppinRek Entertainment.


Release Date:

September 28, 2017

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