Spider-Man Homecoming Deleted Scene

Spider-Man Homecoming is out for digital release and it has a nice little bonus clip. Unfortunately some are not so happy about this not being in the movie…okay, just Seppin, but whatever.

When Seppin saw this, he cried, “Why? Why wasn’t this is the movie?”

Yes, Miles Morales does exist in the universe and that is just awesome for us Miles fans.The video has been removed on You Tube, but we can tell you the gist of it.

The scene is when Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis is still waiting to get his webbed hand free from when Peter left him. He’s struggling to escape and gives up, but not before ringing his nephew to tell him he won’t make it to see him, and explicitly calls him Miles.

Of course, we have no idea whether we will see him or not, but given the fact he is in the new Spider-Man Animated film coming out next year and this reference, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll finally see two web slingers on the big screen.





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