Square Enix Press Conference Overview

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Yesterday was another interesting day at E3. There were tons of trailers and a lot of great moments. (Not as amazing as Bethesda’s conference… but who could beat that?)

Which meant that we were VERY disappointed in Square Enix’s presentation at E3. It wasn’t because we didn’t like the games they should off, but it’s mostly what they didn’t show us that really got all of their fans raging. Many went in with high hopes for a new Final Fantasy game, or perhaps what Seppin was hyped for the most, The mysterious Avengers game they announced last year. However we got no news whatsoever on either of these titles. Instead we got these trailers below.


Shadow of the Tomb Raider




That was a great way to start off the conference! Rek loves the Tomb Raider games, so this was awesome to see!


Just Cause 4


Another amazing trailer filled with action and explosions. The Just Cause series seems to be getting bigger with each installment!


Kingdom Hearts 3

Although we never were interested in the Kingdom Heart series, it’s nice to finally get a release date for this game. Sadly it is pretty much the same trailer we saw in the Microsoft Conference.


DragonQuest XI

Uh… yeah. Who wanted this?


Babylon’s Fall


Ugh… Imagine if we had an Avengers game announcement trailer here. Wait, I can actually do that. Watch the old announcement trailer here:


Final Fantasy XIV X Monster Hunter

This could be fun. But it would have been better to announce a new Final Fantasy.


The Quiet Man


*Looks at Rek*

“This is a game trailer” – Seppin

Uh, It’s another weird game. The trailer really doesn’t give us much other than he has silencing powers similar to DC’s The Silencer. Actually just read DC’s The Silencer. It’s probably better.



What do you think?

Was it good?




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