Square Enix Conference News

Hello everyone, today an exciting day for the second day of E3. This afternoon, Square Enix had their big show and revealed a few trailers and gave us a few games for us to be excited for! Below is all of the trailers that were released during the showcase. Check them out and tell us... Continue Reading →

E3 2019 Schedule

Hey everyone! E3 is right around the corner and, hopefully, it'll bring a lot of awesome games and trailers. We figured that it would be a good idea to put the schedule up on the blog in case any of you will be there or just waiting for a livestream of it to pop up.... Continue Reading →

Square Enix Press Conference Overview

Yesterday was another interesting day at E3. There were tons of trailers and a lot of great moments. (Not as amazing as Bethesda's conference... but who could beat that?) Which meant that we were VERY disappointed in Square Enix's presentation at E3. It wasn't because we didn't like the games they should off, but it's... Continue Reading →

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