Master Chief confirmed to Lead Showtime’s Halo series

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Although it is no surprise to any Halo fan, we should all be glad to hear that Master Chief will be one of the lead characters for the show. This comes with a few other small tidbits promising a great story and many different planets.

It took us a long time to get the script but we felt like we had something that was really interesting and felt like it belonged on Showtime in terms of its character depth, and it’s going to be a big show,” David Nevins said.

We made a conscious decision to hire a writer not known for sci-fi and not known for big battle movies because that’s already baked into the Halo franchise, and we will service that, but we also wanted to ensure that we were getting beneath the formidable armor of the Spartans and really getting inside the team drama so it felt like it belonged on Showtime,” Gary Levine added to Nevin’s.


The series will be written by Kyle Killen (Awake). Rupert Wyatt director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, will helm the majority of the episodes and will executive produce the rest of the series.


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