Doom Patrol News

Hey everyone! Hold onto your seats, because we’ve got a double feature for Doom Patrol news! Firstly, they have finally casted Crazy Jane for the series and the actress is…

Diane Guerrero!


Crazy Jane is a therapist’s worst nightmare! She has over 200 multiple personalities in counting with a wide variety of traits (some even meta-human level). She was introduced in Grant Morrison’s run of Doom Patrol, which brings me to the second piece of news…

We recieved a description of the villain for Doom Patrol and they are looking for a big name actor for the role. The character’s purpose is described as “will be seeking vengeance on the person he holds responsible for the failed experiment that caused his condition which, in addition to his insanity, has left him stuck between two dimensions.”

With the obvious influence of Grant Morrison’s run already consistent with the castings, many people believe it to be Mr. Nobody!


He’s definitely a weird dude! Weird being the perfect word to sum up Grant Morrison’s run. Maybe we will even see the Brotherhood of Dada jump into a strange painting and join forces with the Doom Patrol to fight the fifth horsemen of the apocalypse.

Yeah. That was the actual story…

Tell us what you think about the Doom Patrol in the comments below. Until next time…



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