Seppin Reviews: Black Panther #3

Welcome back to our new series in which we review the comics that we read every week. This week Seppin is going to be reviewing Black Panther #3 by Ta-Nehisi Coates and art by Daniel Acuna




This is an interesting book. On one hand, I like that there is a section of space that is ruled by a Wakandan ancestor. On the other, I feel like it needs to be flushed out more. If they really want to do a sci-fi story with Black panther, then they shouldn’t cheap out. Go all out, similar to the Inhumans, who live in space.

I am slightly confused at the story of this book and what is exactly happening with T’Challa. It seems that he has lost all of his memories, but we also get flashes to Storm. Does he remember her? I just don’t feel like there is enough Black Panther in this book. After all, it is called Black Panther, not Black Panther and the Crew. I am glad that they are trying to keep that team aesthetic. However, I feel like it is almost a way to force the characters that were popular in the film onto fans that want to read more about T’Challa.

This issue brings up a cool concept that the space colonies believe that T’Challa is just some mythical leader that didn’t exist. It adds a lot of cool story for T’Challa and his position in space. The art is really good and I think that the action is incredible. i just wish that they would flush out T’Challa a little more and focus on him.

Overall, it has a ton of potential, but it just misses the mark.




Storytelling:     2.5

(How good is the story? Does it stand up to others?)

Art:     4

(Does it tell the story? Does it work well with the character?)

Importance:     2

(Does this story need to be told? Is it helping the Character?)

Character:     3.5

(Is the character represented well? Does the writer understand the character?)


Total:     12 / 20






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