Darq II Released

Hey everyone! Rek’s awesome sequel to Darq is out now and Alex is dealing with a whole new foe! Check out the description below.

Alex Pearson is more than a vigilante, he’s a Savior. After working with a team of other heroes, Darq has returned to Brooklyn to deal out justice to the criminal underworld. However, the bad guys aren’t the only ones gunning for him. In an attempt to make a deal with the United States government, the Worldwide Security Agency has to cut ties with Darq… permanently. Who better for the task than the WSA’s best operative, Agent Armory? Unfortunately, her mission gets dragged down by a greater threat.The void that crime boss Perigioni’s absence created has brought a new evil to Brooklyn and his name is Garganta. As the cartel look to get a foothold in New York, Alex and Alice fight to keep the streets clean. Lost in stressful memories of his time overseas, will the Darq vigilante fall to the darkness and paranoia? Or can he hold it together and trust his ex-best friend long enough to defeat another adversary? His sanity and trust will be tested in this tale of blood and bullets.Darq: Vol. II is the continuing story of Darq, the vigilante created by SeppinRek Entertainment.

Click the link to check out it’s Amazon Kindle page.

Hope you guys like it and get excited for the next book to be released… The Silver Shadow! Until next time…



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