E3 Bethesda Conference Trailers

Hey everyone! Bethesda started off their conference the right way in apologizing to fans for the recent let down, Fallout 76. Unsurprisingly, Todd Howard, the man who possibly knew of the games un-readiness last year, did not take the stage for very long. Good, the fans needed it for sure.

However, lets move past the uneasiness of the introduction and onto the game trailers.


I think that Seppin and I agree that this game looks pretty sweet! Japanese spirits haunting the deserted streets of Tokyo? Great story idea and we can’t wait to see where this game goes in the future.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Twins killing Nazis? Sounds like the game will be a fun co-op experience to save B.J Blaskowics from Nazi controlled Paris.


Alright, I think that the name is pretty effing dumb. However, I like the trailer and the dynamic between these two characters. It’s unique and I’d like to see where the people from Dishonored take this game.

DOOM Eternal

And its the trailer we’ve all been waiting for! DOOM! Wow, we are super hyped for this game and its badassery has not let us down yet. New dimensions? New enemies? New guns? Hell yeah! It’s time for the Doomslayer to unleash havoc on these monsters!

Bethesda also unveiled Orion, a new streaming technology that will lessen the latency for its players… I think. It was a quick presentation that involved someone getting on stage and playing Doom Eternal on their phone. I mean, I guess it works.

What did you guys think about Bethesda’s conference? Are you excited for the games? Did you want an update on the next Elder Scrolls? Tell us in the comments below! Until next time…



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