Disney + Brings Back Obi Wan in New Series!

Hello there! A lot of Disney + news has been coming out recently and more will soon with D23 coming up next week! However, a report has come in that Ewan McGregor is in talks to reprise his role as Obi Wan Kenobi in a Disney + series.

Image result for gif obi wan

Fans have been vying for McGregor to return as an old Obi Wan for a long time now. So, its pretty exciting that we may see it come to fruition. Of course, we’re not sure when this series would take place. Perhaps around the same time as the Mandalorian?

Image result for gif obi wan

What do you guys think of an Obi Wan series on Disney’s new streaming service? Excited to see Ewan McGregor’s return? Tell us in the comments below! Until next time…




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