Olivia Wilde to Direct Spider-Woman movie?!

Hey everyone, we’ve got a crazy rumor to discuss today regarding Sony’s upcoming Spider-Woman film.

Deadline is reporting that Olivia Wilde, and actress who has directed Booksmart, is Sony’s top pick to direct Spider-Woman.

This is really interesting that they are trying to tap Olivia Wilde. Perhaps this is mostly press to show they are searching for a female director, or perhaps Sony has faith that Olivia Wilde will create a good Spider-Woman film.

This isn’t quieting the worries that many comic book fans have towards the film because Jessica Drew is not the most loved character. In fact this news has led to a lot of people questioning what Sony is doing over there. Especially since a character like Ghost Spider, aka Spider-Gwen, would be a far better choice for a solo film.


Olivia Wilde made a suspicious tweet using a spider emoji seemingly confirming these rumors.

What do you think?



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